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Exclusive Feed – Our app empowers content creators to share their thoughts, ideas and passions with the world. With a user-friendly interface, creators can easily create and share posts with hashtags, @mentions and more to reach a wider audience and grow their channel. Join the #PowerToCreators movement and unleash your creative potential today!

Locked Message – Our service offers customers the ability to monetize their content by creating locked messages and sharing them with their community through a unique link.

Telegram Subscription Manager – Our Telegram Manager service is perfect for businesses, organizations, and individuals looking to monetize their Telegram channel and build a loyal community of engaged subscribers. With our service, customers can focus on creating valuable content while we handle the technical aspects of managing subscriptions and payments.

Broadcast - A broadcast list is a feature that allows a user to send a message to multiple recipients at once. Broadcast list helps to keep people engaged with regular updates, news, or other information, increasing the chances of interaction and engagement. You can also create a joinable broadcast list for monthly plan which can be used as a subscription service which automatically managed by PRIC​

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It's simple. Creators can launch their communities in less than 60 seconds. Download the app login with your mobile number and activate pricsuite.

Anyone who wants to build and manage an exclusive community can join PRIC.

You can easily share the link of your subscription Or content with your members. Members can either join from PRIC website or app.

At PRIC, creators can launch a channel for the following:
Creator can share content with followers. Subscriptions - for memberships, regular learning programs, newsletters, guidance. Members can pay the fees monthly to access the channel.

As a creator, you can start earning by launching your paid Content or subscriptions

Yes, members from anywhere across the globe can join your channels. PRIC allows you to collect international payments easily.

Our creators say that PRIC is much more engaging and focused for building communities. Manage payments and members easily, maintain their privacy and track the growth without any extra effort on PRIC.

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